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What are compound lifts?

Compound lifts are movements that target the major muscles in your body and the smaller muscles that assist it.

Basically, there are six compound exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals faster than spending countless hours working out individual muscles. Whether you want to lose weight, grow, maintain, or get stronger, incorporating these lifts into your program will provide faster noticeable results and a well rounded body workout targeting several groups of muscles with one exercise.

1.) The Bench Press – This exercise targets your elbows, shoulders, and chest. They assist each other in order for focus all your strength on pushing the weight.

2.) The Squat – Squats are king because they work every single muscle in your legs. The goal here is depth, the deeper you go, the more muscles fibers you are going to tear for optimal growth.

3.) The Deadlift – The deadlift is primarily for building strength because it focuses the tension on your tendons and ligaments in the posterior chain of your body(your posture muscles). It works out your ankles, knees legs, hips, neck, lower back. Due to so many muscles working together, this exercise allows you to lift extremely heavy weight.

4.) The Row – The bent over row is basically like a bench press but for your back lats and traps. Strict form is crucial here, remember to check your EGO at the door.

5.) The Shoulder Press – Also known as a military press, this movement uses all of your shoulder muscles and deltoids to build broad wide shoulders.

6.) The Pull-up – The pull up is a key movement to building a bigger back and wider lats. Its all body weight and it also works out your forearms, shoulders, and biceps.

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